How To Win A Car Race

The toys of the big boys have undergone a great number of developments and innovations as cars do not only serve as a mode of transportation. Cars’ versatility spreads to becoming one of man’s subject to competition and love for speed and old fashioned fun. The invention of the automobile gave better opportunities for people to challenge one another as what they did with horses on rough roads and courses a long time ago. These events paved the way to the birth of Auto Racing Industry which is not only limited to the desire of winning the competition but also serves as a good way to advertise. The saying, “race on Sunday, sell on Monday” encapsulates the business behind this field. With the racing, marketing, and promotion, auto racing industry continues to flourish and expand as speed attracts people.

Before all those selling and advertising, a racer, first and foremost, thinks on how he can win the race. Winning is still the priority in this game. Thus, a racer equips himself with best of everything and of course, he reads a how-to guide like this. Follow these tips and see that checkered flag waved in front of your car.

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Before the Race

  • Review

It would not hurt to recall those basic rules in racing despite being a pro in the field. There are instances that a racer may know a lot but forget even the simplest rule. That’s disappointing.

  • Equip yourself

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. The racer is the main character of the story. It is important to practice a positive attitude toward himself and the race. It is also necessary to set a goal for the race-winning but not cheating.

  • Choose your car

Do not be enticed by good-looking yet poor-performing cars. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with these luxurious toys. But look at the engine and parts to ensure a win. Check the speed, brakes, engine, good, solid tire. Here’s a trick, try to sit in the car and imagine yourself in the race. If you feel comfortable and confident with the car, then you are destined to be together.

  • Equip your gear

In the 2005 movie Herbie: Fully Loaded, Maggie Peyton loves her car that she takes care of it like a family. In return, the car, Herbie, takes care of the race. Get the best team to upgrade and maintain your car. It should always be in good condition before racing. If not, might as well avoid gambling. Bear in mind to inspect car parts and condition before and after the race.

  • Rough up your tires

Tire rubber is unpredictable in hardness. To increase traction, sand the surface to the proper depth.

  • Get sponsors

Since auto racing industry is a good way to advertise, attract sponsors to assist your financial needs with car maintenance. It’s an expensive sport dude, might as well have a bookkeeper.

  • Be updated

Surf the net, read racing magazines, and watch races to get the latest updates. Hang out with some racers and talk to them. Ask them about some techniques and tips. Surround yourself with great people for inspiration. You can devise on strategies and think of back-up plans for unexpected happenings as you learn from them. 

  • Familiarize your race venue

Spend a good time observing the venue of the race. Walk around the track and study the place of the battle.

  • Distinguish the best line around the track

Hey, this is not a superstition. A fact says that there are actually faster lines on track! The shortest line around the track which can be covered in the shortest time is the fastest line. No matter what, try to stay on this line while racing.

  • Practice the skill

The prestige of having costly car parts can easily catch you up. Flaunting those flawless, glittering parts is tempting. However, it is not only in the gear that the race is conquered; it is also because of an experienced, disciplined driver behind the wheels. You may the best in driving on rough roads, mountains, or smooth roads, but car racing requires very specific skills in driving. Tune up your driving skills by practicing it. Apply new techniques and get motivated by best racers. 

  • Sit like a Racer

Before you turn that key, consider first your seating position. Some people poorly imitate how a racer sits resulting to driving fatigue and poor car control. In sitting, the driver’s back should be flatly situated against the back of the seat. In an arm position, arms should be fully extended that the wrists can rest on top of the steering wheel. For the leg position, be sure that the knees are not against the steering column.

During the Race

win a race

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  • Utilize brakes properly

Some racers try to use the brakes and cause them to spin around or worse, lose control. This would result to taking off from the fastest line and would give an open spot for drivers waiting behind you to easily pass you from the inside. Making up for your previous spot would be hard if these happen. Racers must step on the brakes while they are in a straight line before they make a turn. This would also avoid an accident.

  • Stay on the quickest line

If you see a driver drifting pass you, just stay on the fastest line. Do not take risk by leaving the line and taking a wide turn around the track.

  • Slow Entry, Fast Exit

In racing, a fast entrance does not guarantee a win.  It is important for racers to remember this. Having a slow entry while turning allows you to stay in the most defensive line. Remember to use the brakes prior to a turn and speed up as apex of the turn is reached. After turning, a racer can accelerate in a straight line to maximize speed and pass other drivers taking the wide turn around the track. Strategy is always vital in racing. 

  • Avoid bumping with other cars

This is not even a strategy. Hitting other racers’ gear would only damage your car and lessen your speed. Brushing against other cars transfers energy to them causing the decrease of energy and momentum of both drivers at the same time promoting an extension of other cars’ lead form you.

  • Look ahead

By looking ahead, you can not only see the forthcoming danger and hazards but also allows you to devise a plan on how to pass those drivers ahead of you. Also, you can watch driver who already passed you on how they manage to pass other drivers on the track. You can study their strategies and techniques and apply them on your own. You can follow the line of faster cars and pass on other slow opponents. Looking ahead gives a driver a bigger perspective that permits him to both foresee and plan.

Auto Racing has opened doors to different opportunities and use of cars. It has promoted fun, entertainment in a competitive way. No matter how good of a driver you are, always remember that car racing is different from normal driving. It requires skills that must be honed and developed in time. To win a race is to gear up, speed up, have fun, be safe, and think like a winner.

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