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What To Look Forward To The New Apple Cars

From media players, smartphone, tablets and laptops, Apple Incorporated has another innovation that many people had been looking forward too.

Rumours had it that Apple Incorporated will be releasing “Project Titan”. Project Titan is one of the most anticipated innovations that many Apple fans had been looking forward to.

Apple executive had been holding discussions of venturing into the car manufacturing industry for the year. But it was push through because of the high demand for the iPhones.  In 2008,the late Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple Incorporated, decided not to push through with it because he wanted to focus more on the development of iPhones.

But as the years passed after Jobs’ announcement, many people had seen and heard car noises from Apple’s warehouse. Speculations say that Apple is planning to create a minivan and they had talked with various car companies to help them patent the body of the car.

September 2015, Apple Incorporated has decided to update and announce the project status of Project Titan as 1,800 employees of Apple were seen in a warehouse working on the prototype of what seems to be the Apple Car or also known as iCar. Apple had been hiring more people to work with them on this ambitious project.  They had been working with other companies, like Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and General Motors. These are just some of the companies who have visited the Cupertino Headquarters.

Tim Cook

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, had once shared that Apple had been hiring a thousand of engineers in order to lend a hand in making this project into reality. In the past, there were rumours that Apple Incorporated had been working with BMW in order to improve the patents of the future Apple Car, however, there were no deals made yet between the conglomerates.  This leads us to a question of how the car would look like.

Earlier this year, Steve Zadesky, the head of the electronic car project, announced that he will step down from his position. This made iCar enthusiast were a bit saddened by the news, thinking that it might affect the development of the car project. But Gene Munster, a financial analyst of Apple Incorporated, that the project will still go on, even if Zadesky is no longer with them.

Many people are now wondering who will take over the project. There were rumours that BMW will be the one who will continue and will be distributing the cars.

Most of the things that we read and hear for now are some of the hints and more rumours on this very interesting car. Cook had been very tight-lipped on the developments of the car. The only thing that was confirmed is some of the things that are stated below and the year when the car will be released.

So what are the things that we should look forward to Project Titan? What are the things that it can do? And how much will it cost you to purchase one? Here are some of the confirmed features of Apple’s elusive electronic car

It runs on electricity.

Many people had been saying that this car is going to be electronic. Apple Inc had been working with Tesla to make this car electronic. Over the past years, Apple had been trying to complete the patent of the car. If Apple and Tesla will succeed, this car might not just be eco-friendly but innovative. This car will no longer need fuel or gasoline to function.

The User Interface is going to take you by storm.

One of the things that Tim Cook, CEO had shared is that they are focusing on the user interface and the car might probably be an electronic car that has autonomous functions just like other vehicles that contains an autopilot mode, making driving easier.

Apple had made a deal with NVIDIA to create an interface that allows that will fit the car’s personality. NVIDIA is one of the leading AI makers in the world. If it pushes through, most probably this car would have a voice recognition system. You can give commands and maybe sync your IOS phone to your car. There are possibilities that this car can work with less human manipulation thru voice commands. If it happens, this car might just be able to do a lot of things.

Currently, Apple had been very busy making a user interface of this car, there is a big possibility that this car is going to have some of the features of the IOS media players and phones. There were rumours that Apple would be introducing CarPlay, after the release of the electronic car in 2019.

It will have a sleek design.

BMW i3 2014 edition

photo source: http://www.hdcarwallpapers.com/2014_bmw_i3_2-wallpapers.html

They may have been considering BMW’s i3, but yet they were not able to come up with a deal. Cook did not stop visiting BMW Leipzig. If they have been considering the design of the BMW i3, then this car might have more or less the same design of i3. Apple had been considering this design, and many people are already speculating that the colour of the iCar most probably would be matte silver and white. This car might just look like a minivan or a typical hatchback, but considering Apple had been very keen on the designs of their previous creations, then this car will also have that sleek, modern, luxurious yet simple.

It will be expensive.

According to many fans, the electronic car would probably hit the price of 75,000 USD. Though there were no official announcements of the car’s specifications and design, there is also no announcement of how much will it cost you to purchase an iCar either. Many people have said that iCar will rival the EV Model S 90D. Munster had once noted that the iCar will not be sold directly and only a few might be able to purchase the car.

Many people are looking forward to the outcome of this ambitious project, however, not everybody are amazed of what will it do and how it will affect the car manufacturing industry. But one thing is for sure, the world will anticipate it’s release.

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