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Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

When you are out of the confines of your home, it is always best that wherever you are, you are always prepared, especially if you are traveling farther distances. You will never know what will happen to you when you are on the road.

Flat tires, short on cash, someone spilled something on your shirt before an important meeting, and the list goes on. These are just some possible of the “situations” that you might encounter when you are outside the confines of your home. These incidents would not only cause you time but an effort from driving back and forth to your home and destination.

These situations may seem very simple but sometimes it would affect us. In some ways, it might be a wasted opportunity or a somehow it can lead to a more serious situation, like being stuck in a winter storm or you can’t get a room in a nearby hotel when you are traveling far from home.

To address these scenarios, we are going to list down the things that you should always keep in your trunk or other compartments in your car.

Spare tire and tools

spare tire in the trunk

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This is the most important items that you should always keep in your trunk. In case of engine problems, flat tires, and overheating radiator belts, these things will help you at least check and try to fix your car. Some people would often disregard bringing these items because it will only add weight to the car. But having these items prepares you to any mechanical problems.

Here is the list of tools that you should keep in your trunk aside from the spare tire;

  • Lug nuts– this is to hold your tire in place. Always keep extra pieces in your car, in case you lose one, you can just replace it with a new one instead of looking for the lost lug nut
  • Jack– this is used to raise your car when you change the flat tires.
  • Wrenches-this is used to loosen and tighten. Make sure to get the complete sizes. This is to make sure that you will not be stripping your lug nuts.

Business Card of a Mechanic

Getting the contact number of a mechanic is one of the most essential things that you should keep because you will never know when you will encounter problems with your car that you can’t fix on your own. It is best that your mechanic should be someone the referred by the people close to you. This way, when you need his assistance, you can always contact him to help you fix things.

Car manual

Car manuals are very important because it gives you complete information about your car. Remember, not all cars have the same components but the manual contains all the things you need to know about your car. It will tell where to put the jack when you change the tires, where is your gasoline gauge and many more.

Extra Set of Clothes

Having an extra set of clothes in your trunk is important. People think it’s unnecessary to carry a set in your trunk, but actually, it helps a lot to have an extra set. If you can’t stop by your house when you are rushing to work from another place, you can just change into a fresh set when you get to your office. Or when you got wet from the rain or accidentally spilled something on your shirt. If you have an extra set in your car compartment then you don’t have to rush home to change or spend the whole day a little bit embarrassed of the noticeable stain on your work clothes

Snack Bars, Instant Food and Water

If you often go on long drives and travel a lot by car, you need to keep a stash of snack bars and food that can be reheated or instant noodles. In case you get hungry in the middle of the drive and there are no convenience stores or restaurants along the way, you can have something to eat while driving. It is also best that you bring a gallon of water during the long drives. You will never know when you will reach the next destination, but at least you would have enough provisions to keep you off from thirst and hunger during the long drive

Blankets and Pillows

In case you can’t find a place to stay the night, you can keep a small pillow and a blanket to tuck yourself into.

things you should always bring

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First Aid Kits

This is one of the most important things that you need to carry around. Always keep a first aid kit in your car. If you ever you would meet “little accidents”, like cuts, headaches and stomach ache, at least you have something to ease the pain that you are feeling


Many cars have GPS in their system but sometimes it can fail you.  It is better if you have a map (the paper) in case you are not sure of your current location. Your map can help you double check if you are in the right way towards your destination.


Flashlights are often used to light up dark places. Oftentimes, you need to use a flashlight to check your car engine at night or help you when you want to look around outside during the night time.


You can stash a few paper bills in your glove compartment. This is for safe-keeping. In case you are a little short on cash, you can use this emergency money for emergency cases.

Battery powered radio

Carrying this will keep you updated of weather forecast. In case your car stereo doesn’t work then you can keep yourself updated on the current events and weather conditions.

These things may seem a little absurd to stash inside your trunk. But sometimes, you never know that these things are actually going to make things convenient for you.

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