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Techs And Gadgets That Makes Driving Safer

As time passed, technological advances slowly move along with the ticking of the clock. Men were able to create many inventions that made life easier and better. Cars nowadays were given upgrades to make driving a lot safer and more comfortable for drivers and passenger.

These gadgets are not only used for entertainment but also play a major role in terms of safety. Some gadgets allow you to see your speed limit or what are the some of the parts that need to be done.Now, we are going to list the things that you might want to reconsider adding into the cosy interior of your car.

CarMD Vehicle Diagnostic Kit

CarMD Diagnostic Kit

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This kit is one of the car gadget must-haves that you should consider buying. The CarMD vehicle Diagnostic Kit allows you to check if there are certain problems with your car. The kit is plugged into the car’s system and does a run on the system. The run would help check if there are certain damages in your car and it will alert you if there are any. This tool is perfect for long distance travel.

Road Angel Glam

If you are worried that you might be over speeding, fear no more! Road Angel glam is a device that can help determine on how fast you are driving. It gives you a complete data of how fast you are going. It also gives you information on road hazards that you might just want to avoid to save yourself from accidents and traffic jams.

This tool is often placed in front; it should be placed where the driver and the passengers can see it. This gadget can not only tell how fast you are driving but also, it keeps you safe and comfortable

Car Charger

A car charger is one must have when are driving long distances. This car charger will help you charge your phone while driving. Car chargers will keep your phone from draining, especially if you are waiting for important calls or you are using your phone as your navigator.

GPS System

GPS system is one of the car gadgets that you should have. GPS system can help you find your destination. In the recent times, many people are using GPS to determine their location. Many cars have their own navigation system, as well as smartphones and other gadgets. Having a navigation system in your car will help reach your destination without delay and wrong turns that you accidentally took along the way.

Kensington Proximo

If you tend to forget your car key, then Kensington Proximo might just be the right gadget for you. This gadget is a sensor fob that alerts you where you left your car key or where you parked your car. This car gadget also serves as a sensor, to the event that your car gets stolen; it will serve as a tracking device. This gadget is compatible with IOS phones.  To use this, you can download the Kensington Proximo app on your phone so that you can navigate it using your phone. Then you can place the sensor in your car or car key.

GO Pro HD Hero 3

For people who love to take pictures during their trip, then you can install a GO Pro HD Hero in your dashboard or anywhere else in our car. This tiny camera can record HD images and is Wi-Fi capable, so you can share and upload your pictures in social media accounts. Aside from that this device is waterproof; you don’t have to worry that it might break when it gets wet

Fobo Tire Plus

This car gadget must have is a tire pressure monitoring system. This Bluetooth-enabled gadget can tell you the pressure and temperature that your tires are experiencing. You can connect this sensor to your phone and you will receive a notification when there is something wrong with your tires.

Phone Holder

Phone holder may look like a not-so-techie gadget but these things can help you hold your phone up when you are using this for navigation or when you need to talk to someone on the phone while driving. They come in different designs that you can choose from.

Parrot Asteroid Mini

This gadget is not just your typical multimedia system, but this gadget can also transfer voice calls from your phone towards this little gadget. Aside from that, it can sync music files and other tools that you might need when traveling, like navigation system, internet radio and much more.

This hands-free device can be manipulated by a remote control; you don’t have to worry about touching commands on that mini device

Handpressor Wild Espresso Maker

For many drivers, drowsiness and tiredness are their number one foe when driving long distance. This espresso maker is very handy, especially for many drivers. This espresso maker is compatible with many ESE coffee pods. This coffee maker is non-electrical, compact, easy to use and an espresso on the go: a perfect driving companion.

Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth car kits are one of the things that you should consider buying for long drives. You can easily take calls, stream music and navigate using Bluetooth. You don’t have to worry about grabbing your phone and swipe that call, with the Bluetooth kit, it automatically transfer your call to your headset

SuperTooth HD

SuperTooth HD

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This is Bluetooth speaker can do many wonders on a long ride. It can read your SMS aloud, it can take your calls, and it can take voice commands and much more. This speaker is one of the best speakers made. It has voice sensitive microphones that allow voice command that includes sending SMS,e-mails, it can post statuses on Facebook account and Twitter. It can also cancel calls via voice commands.

Indeed, technology has changed our life. It has changed not just how people work but also how people live their life. Remember, there are pros and cons in the use of technology. It is best that you choose wisely whether or not that technology would benefit you

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