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How To Buy A Car Abroad

Why is buying a car abroad sometimes a good idea? This is because sometimes buying a car from another country, especially the manufacturing company is much cheaper than buying it back home (unless the car you want is manufactured in your own country). In some instances, you may even buy the car you want at half of the price. Now, the only problem with buying cars abroad is the whole tedious process of bringing it back to your country. If you plan to live in another country, then you won’t have any problem but if you want to bring it back to your motherland, then you’re going to have a bit of difficulty. I’ll give you some tips on making the whole process a little easier for you.

Converting the Car from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive and Vice Versa

Notice that there are some cars wherein the steering wheel is on the right side and some cars where the steering wheel is on the left. If you want to know why there are left driving and right driving cars, then you would have to trace back all the way to the feudal era of Europe, but that’s another topic for another time.

Now, when you are going to bring a car into another country, you must first know if you need to convert the steering. Let’s take an example to further discuss this. If your car is a right handed driven car but you are bringing it into a country that uses only left hand driven cars, then you will definitely have to convert because if you don’t then you will get fined or even worse. Is the conversion easy to do? This will all depend on your car. Let’s say you take your car to a shop that can do the job for you. If they happen to have parts that are compatible with your car that come from a country that is using left hand driven cars, then it’s easy. However, if compatible parts are hard to find, then that’s where you will have to wait. The shop will still have to source for parts that are compatible with your car to get the job done. The whole conversion process (which include parts and labor) would probably be around $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the model of the car.

Right hand and Left Hand Drive


Of course, you have to make sure you know if the country you’re buying your car in uses a left-hand drive or a right-hand drive system. Just do some research on which countries drive on which side.

Getting Your Car Registered

Each country has different laws on car registration but in general, new car owners are supposed to register their cars in the country where they bought the car. Now, if you buy a car abroad, then you have to register it first where you bought it. After that, you may then register the car in your home country when it arrives there. Do remember to study and research on all the requirements needed for registration so that the process will go smoothly and you’ll be able to take your car with you without any problem.

Getting Your Car Delivered

The method in which you will get your car delivered back to your home country is entirely up to you. You can take the matter into your own hands or you can use a vehicle importer where you may avail of a special overseas delivery package. If I were to recommend, I would definitely suggest that you avail the services of a professional importer. These importers provide a standard price for their services and don’t usually give discounts. They will also be the ones who will pay for the taxes that come along with the car (the taxes are usually already cost in along with the service fee). If you try to bring it back on your own, you might end up with higher costs and more trouble especially if you don’t know the process. So, I would definitely suggest that using a vehicle importer is better than taking the matter into your own hands. It is the most practical choice and will save you a lot of energy and time.

Shipping Cars


Preparing to Pay Some Heavy Taxes

As I stated above, you have to pay a Value Added Tax (VAT) when you buy a car abroad. The exchange rate that is used for the tax is usually the exchange rate of the country where you’re bringing your car to (it’s definitely not a good idea to buy a car abroad if your exchange rate is down). The amount of tax you will have to pay for your car will all depend on the tax laws of the country where you bought it and what the provisions are regarding this type of situation.

Aside from the Value Added Tax, you’ll also have to pay for import duty taxes which are required by law. If you want to buy a car abroad, then you have to do your homework on the taxes that you have to pay. Depending on what country you’re buying your new car in, there could be more taxes that could be imposed. However, in general, these two taxes are the ones that buyers are supposed to pay whenever they buy cars in a different country. Just make sure that you research on the cost and then ask yourself if it is still worth it. If the net amount of costs is still significantly cheaper than buying a car in your own country, go for it!

Knowing the Best Places to Buy Cars

In order to know where the best places to buy cars are, you must first know where the major manufacturers are. First, we have Europe, the home of many known car brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, or Mercedes. If you like these types of cars, then the best place to go is Europe if you want a cheap price. Japan is another big manufacturer of cars such as Honda or Toyota. You may get a really good price on cars if you buy in this country. You may also want to visit America as well because some great car brands like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, or Cadillac can be found there. Before buying a car in another country, always do your research.

Before buying a car abroad, you must first know some of the important things to take note of. First, you have to know the modifications that you are going to have to do on the car to bring it into your country. Next, you must decide what method to use to ship the car back to your homeland. After that, you have to get your car registered in the country where you bought it. From there, you must prepare for registration in your home country. Lastly, you must know about the extra costs that you have to pay aside from the cost of the car (shipping fees, modification fees, registration fees, and taxes). Once all of those things have already been covered, then you can bring your car home and enjoy a nice ride with your family or loved ones.

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