How To Become A Better Driver

How to Become A Better Driver inforgraphic

How to Become A Better Driver inforgraphic

Becoming a better driver is certainly a good way to keep the peace and orderliness of the road. Nowadays, news about car crashes and irresponsible driving are becoming more and more prevalent on television. We have seen so many drunk drivers swerving wildly on the road, sleepy drivers not able to wake anymore after a crash, and careless drivers who can’t put down their phones dive their way to their deaths. It is alarming to know that even if there are already deaths happening because of thoughtless driving, many are still continually acting carelessly on the road. However, it is fortunate that there are still good citizens out there who want to end such recklessness, and are concerned enough to promote safety in terms of responsible driving. The question of how a driver becomes better will always be seen on how they operate their cars and themselves. When one is a good driver, he maintains obedience and maturity on the road. Thus, accidents do not occur. If you want to become a better driver and lessen your chances of facing an accident, there are necessary actions that you must practice. To be able to specifically know what these actions are, here are the things that you must follow to become a better driver:

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  • Focus

You took off on the road with a very distracted mind. You keep on thinking about the last episode of your favorite series and wondered what will happen next. For quite some time, you are driving while daydreaming. The next thing that happened bought you back to reality. You realized you ran over your neighbor’s lovely pet; imagine the explanation you have to deal when your neighbors find out. When you lack focus, you will seriously be in trouble. Not only do pets get into accidents when a driver becomes detached with the steering wheel, but people are also included in the list. To become a better driver, you must be keen with your surroundings. Have the initiative to know when to slow down and when to accelerate. You can stay focus by generally observing what is going on around your surroundings. Remember, daydreaming is not needed on a busy road.

  • Comply to certain adjustments

It does not matter what you prefer, you are suggested to hold the wheel in a certain way to be able to have more stability when steering it. When holding it, follow a 10 and 2 o’clock position or a 9 and 3 o’ clock angle. This gives you a firm grip on the wheel which makes driving steadier. Also, before you start your car, check the mirrors in your vehicle if they are in the right position. Not having them in the right spot will give you a hard time seeing what’s behind you.

  • Don’t start races

Don’t even think about taunting or racing a car that is trying to overtake you. Always allow them to pass, especially when they are breaking the speed limit. There is probably a reason why they are in a hurry; having you teasing or annoying them will not be appreciated at all. Cut the manly need to prove to the world how good you are at overtaking them all. This is no race; you will end up in ruins if you keep insisting. To prevent other cars from taking passes at you, always drive on the right-most part of the lane, unless if you have reasons to turn left. Staying on the right side will be much safer when dealing with overtaking cars because you are located on the edge.

  • Use signals appropriately

Nothing is more annoying than a car driver who doesn’t know how to properly use signals. When you want to let the other driver know your signal, do the signaling at a right timing and moment. There are instances wherein a signal given is already too late for the other drivers to respond, so never let this happen. A good driver knows when to use his turn signals.

  • Traffic lights are not meant to be played

We all know how exhilarating it is to beat the red light, but your victory over the red light will never be announced worldwide, so why even bother? This is quite famous among drivers, and for some reasons, some can’t help but play the game. It is pretty understandable that beating the red light means not having to wait for a couple of minutes. This may sound nice, but risking your life over a few minutes of waiting is not pleasant at all. Learn to wait and be patient about the traffic light. This keeps order on the roads, so don’t go speeding like there’s no tomorrow. Remember, you are not the only ones on the road. Who knows who might get caught up with your recklessness when you try to beat the light? You might get others involve in a wreckage, and that’s not a pretty sight at all.

  • Be aware of where your location is

Sure, it is always nice to speed up and feel the breeze hitting your face, but you can’t always accelerate your car whenever you like. If you are a concerned, you must understand that you are not the king of the road and people are also using it. Be aware of the zones in which you are expected to slow down. Limit speed in places like residential areas, markets, churches, and any places where lots of people are seen. Be wary when you are driving around the neighborhood. Kids might randomly cross the street while playing, so be watchful of these possibilities.

  • Adapt to the environment

When everyone else is fast, you go with the flow. When they are at a much slower pace, don’t accelerate your car too much. You being able to adapt to the surroundings will have a better effect than being a hard headed prick on the road. Also, be conscious about what other drivers would feel during circumstantial events. Chances are, if you are able to understand your fellow drivers, you will be able to anticipate changes in the flow of the traffic, the speed of the cars, the changes of the lanes, and the like.

  • Respect the police and pull over

If you are asked to stop, don’t dash madly until you are imperceptible. There are reasons why you are asked to pull over, so better solve the conflict before it gets worse. A police may give you an offense slip, ask you a question, or inform you about something important, so don’t go running like a scared kid. It is always better to pay for your misbehavior than run away from it because it will only add more to your name. Be respectful to the cops and abide the laws of the road.

  • Right state of mind and body

Don’t brush off the idea that you are sick, sleepy, drunk, or not in the right mind to drive a car. Even if you are a seasoned driver with many experiences on the road, this is still not an assurance for you to take a ride. Never trust yourself when feeling off; who knows what might happen on the road when you are not functioning properly.

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